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macabre, macabre arklar, macabre ark szleri
1.albert fish was worse than any fish in the sea442
2.albert was worse the any fish in the sea albert fish426
3.ambassador hotel610
6.bath house712
7.behind the wall of sleep403
8.blood bank748
9.christopher scarver662
10.coming to chicage413
11.coming to chicago353
12.cup of coffee484
13.dahmers dead684
14.david brom took an axe407
15.david broom took an axe384
17.do the dahmer524
18.dog guts480
19.dr holmes he stripped their bones399
20.drill bit lobotomy573
21.ed gein524
22.edmond kemper had a horrible temper edmond kemper668
24.evil ole soul481
28.freeze dried man366
29.fritz haarmann the butcher483
30.funeral home373
31.gacys lot john wayne gacy454
32.grandmothers house648
33.harvey glataman your soul will forever rot364
34.hey laurie dann548
36.holidays of horror537
37.hot rods to hell423
38.howard unrah what have you done now450
39.i need to kill409
40.in the army now490
41.into the toilet with you437
42.is it soup yet daniel rakowitz329
43.is it soup yet daniel rakowitz429
44.jeffery dahmer and the chocolate factory453
45.jeffrey dahmer and the chocolate factory427
46.jeffrey dahmer blues782
47.killing spree patrick sherrill512
49.mary bell760
50.mass murder466
53.media circus585
54.montreal massacre mark lupine487
55.mr albert fish was children your favorite dish492
56.night stalker richard ramirez477
57.patrick purdy killed five and wounded thirty374
58.rat man733
59.scrub a dub dub337
60.serial killer407
61.shotgun peterson christopher peterson498
62.slaughter thy poser411
63.sniper in the sky charles whitman408
64.son of sam518
65.temple of bones462
66.the boston strangler albert de salvo902
67.the brain520
68.the green river murderer hes still out there718
69.the ted bundy song459
70.the ted bundy song ted bundy468
71.there was a young man who blew up a plane jack gilbert graham338
72.trampled to death420
74.ultra violent474
75.vampire of dusseldorf374
76.vampire of dusseldorf peter kurtin332
77.what the heck richard speck; eight nurses you wrecked323
78.what the hell did you do james edward pough320
79.what the hell did you do james edward pough414
80.whats that smell480
81.whats that smell jeffery dahmer465
82.white hen decapitator michael bethke403
83.zodiac identity unknown352
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