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lyle lovett, lyle lovett arklar, lyle lovett ark szleri
1.aint it somethin677
2.all my love is gone388
3.an acceptable level of ecstasy the wedding song336
4.babes in the woods553
5.ballad of the snow leopard and the tanqueray cowboy358
8.black and blue396
9.christmas morning348
11.closing time357
12.cowboy man354
13.creeps like me315
14.cryin shame399
15.dont touch my hat406
16.family reserve314
17.farther down the line299
18.fat babies548
20.flyin shoes690
21.flyswatter/ice water blues monte trenckmanns blues388
22.give back my heart344
23.god will375
24.good intentions307
25.good-bye to carolina357
26.hello grandma352
27.her first mistake284
28.here i am332
29.highway kind318
30.i cant love you anymore392
31.i know you know382
32.i love everybody995
33.i loved you yesterday381
34.i married her just because she looks like you360
35.i think you know what i mean349
36.if i had a boat404
37.if i needed you416
38.if i were the man you wanted364
39.if you were to wake up323
40.it ought to be easier309
41.ill come knockin458
42.ive been to memphis395
43.ive got the blues649
44.ive had enough399
45.just the morning357
46.la county346
47.la to the left330
48.lonely in love355
49.long tall texan335
52.memphis midnight/memphis morning363
53.moon on my shoulder365
54.more pretty girls than one395
55.nobody knows me330
56.north dakota335
57.old friend446
58.once is enough377
61.private conversation335
63.rollin by631
64.she makes me feel good382
65.shes already made up her mind406
66.shes hot to go419
67.shes leaving me because she really wants to402
68.shes no lady455
69.simple song348
70.since the last time293
71.skinny legs341
74.step inside this house step inside my house310
75.teach me about love353
76.texas river song343
77.texas trilogy: bosque county romance70
78.texas trilogy: daybreak67
79.texas trilogy: train ride50
80.thats right youre not from texas391
81.the fat girl683
82.the girl in the corner345
83.the record lady313
84.the road to ensenada330
85.the waltzing fool333
86.they dont like me619
87.this old porch324
88.walk through the bottomland361
89.west texas highway292
90.what do you do/the glory of love307
91.which way does that old pony run323
92.who loves you better360
93.why i dont know462
94.you cant resist it443
95.youve been so good up to now395
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