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luther vandross, luther vandross arklar, luther vandross ark szleri
1.a house is not a home371
2.all the woman i need434
3.always and forever396
4.any day now403
5.any love570
7.are you mad at me617
8.are you there with another guy390
9.are you using me398
10.bring your heart to mine365
11.buy me a rose383
12.can heaven wait372
13.crazy love566
14.dance with my father434
15.dont you know that511
16.dream lover410
17.endless love424
19.every year, every christmas408
20.get it right343
21.give me the reason367
22.going in circles359
23.goin out of my head580
24.grown thangs380
25.have yourself a merry little christmas393
26.hearts get broken all the time389
27.here and now413
28.hit it again404
29.how do i tell her386
30.i can make it better415
31.i know488
32.i wont let you do that to me546
33.if i didnt know better494
34.if i was the one368
35.if it aint one thing443
36.impossible dream390
37.isnt there someone507
38.its hard for me to say476
39.id rather504
40.im only human676
41.keeping my faith in you398
42.killing me softly447
43.knocks me off my feet377
44.lets make tonight the night472
45.like im invisible516
46.love dont love you anymore tms urban mix673
47.love forgot399
48.love the one youre with439
49.love wont let me wait421
50.lovely day595
51.never too much384
52.nights in harlem365
53.nobody to love416
54.now that i have you382
55.once were lovers418
56.one night with you everyday of your life392
57.power of love / love power300
58.power of love/love power372
60.right in the middle416
61.say it now397
62.she saw you367
63.shes a super lady587
64.so amazing469
65.sometimes its only love446
66.stop to love383
67.sugar and spice i found me a girl383
68.superstar/until you come back to me522
69.take you out369
70.the best things in life are free399
71.the closer i get to you368
72.theres nothing better than love433
73.they said you needed me420
74.think about you399
75.this time im right562
76.too proud to beg409
77.treat you right351
78.when i need you377
79.when you call on me/baby thats when ill come runnin420
80.whether or not the world gets better416
81.you stopped loving me357
82.your secret love453
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