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lisa stansfield, lisa stansfield arklar, lisa stansfield ark szleri
1.a boy you have known396
2.a little more love385
4.aint nobody here but us chickens474
5.aint what you do510
6.alibis your alibis588
7.all around the world409
8.all woman466
9.baby come back396
10.baby, i need your lovin424
11.be mine476
12.be the sugar409
13.big thing400
14.bitter sweet485
15.blitzkrieg baby616
17.chance it428
19.dont cry for me459
20.dont stop me for the mailman465
21.down in the depths405
22.dream away434
23.everything will get better451
24.feel it from inside370
25.finest thing389
26.first joy596
28.fridays child604
29.gonna try it anyway419
31.got me missing you363
32.greedy love447
33.her seedy life385
35.i cried my last tear last night375
36.i give you everything440
37.i got a feeling422
38.i want to break free460
39.i will be waiting370
40.in all the right places373
41.its got to be real584
42.im leavin497
44.just to keep you satisfied343
45.lay me down405
46.listen to your heart395
47.little bit of heaven351
48.live together439
49.love will wait390
50.mack the knife427
51.make it right438
52.make love to ya386
53.make sure that the feelins right447
54.marvellous and mine390
55.mighty love438
56.more than love367
57.my apple heart381
58.never gonna fall415
59.never never gonna give you up447
60.never set me free402
61.on fire616
62.one kiss457
63.only love can breat your heart418
64.our love is here to stay394
65.people hold on422
66.perfect crime410
68.real love438
69.red lights437
70.set your loving free359
71.shes always there497
73.sing it655
74.so natural466
75.someday im coming back509
76.somethings happenin499
77.somewhere in time345
78.soul deep453
79.spinning top445
80.sugar tree473
82.sweet memories437
83.symptoms of loneliness and heartache373
84.take care, goodnight374
85.take me away388
87.the best is yet to come386
88.the line395
89.the longer we make love393
90.the love in me363
91.the only way515
92.the real thing385
93.the thought police492
94.the very thought of you368
95.the way you want it347
96.there was i486
97.these are the days of our lives342
98.they cant take that away from me440
99.thinking about his baby405
100.this is the right time410
101.time to make you mine362
102.too much love makin461
103.turn me on1485
104.two years too blue348
105.wake up baby444
106.walking on thin ice437
107.watch the birdie442
108.we will cry457
109.what did i do to you418
110.when are you coming back394
111.whenever youre gone530
112.why do we call it love429
113.wish it could always be this way415
114.without a word to say381
115.you cant deny it511
116.you get me407
117.you know how to love me422
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