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lindsey buckingham, lindsey buckingham arklar, lindsey buckingham ark szleri
1.all my sorrows514
2.bang the drum406
5.d w suite367
6.doing what i can408
7.go insane559
8.i must go394
9.i want you537
10.introduction to dont look down656
11.introduction to this is the time427
12.it was i375
13.ill tell you now582
14.johnny stew553
15.love from here, love from there380
16.loving cup406
17.mary lee jones478
18.play in t498
19.play in the rain497
20.satisfied mind340
21.say well meet again550
22.september song505
23.shadow of the west445
24.slow dancing392
25.soul drifter520
26.street of dreams414
27.surrender t490
28.surrender the rain631
29.thats how we do it in la452
30.this is the time412
31.this nearly was mine485
33.turn it on393
35.you do or you dont602
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