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the blimp ark sz

mothers band member: "one, two..."
frank zappa: "you ready?"
mbm: "...three, four"
fz: "okay, go"

master master
this is recorded thru uh flies ear
n you have t have uh flies eye t see it
its the thing thats gonna make captain beefheart
and his magic band fat
frank its the big hit
its the blimp
its the blimp frank
its the blimp

when i see you floatin down the gutter
ill give you uh bottle uh wine
put me on the white hook
back in the fat rack
shad rack ee shack
the sumptin hoop the sumptin hoop
the blimp the blimp
the drazy hoops the drazy hoops
theyre camp theyre camp
tits tits the blimp the blimp
the mother ship the mother ship
the brothers hid under their hood
from the blimp the blimp
children stop yer nursin unless yer renderin fun
the mother ship
the mother ships the one
the blimp the blimp
the tapes uh trip its uh trailin tail
its traipsen along behind the blimp the blimp
the nose has uh crimp
the nose is the blimp the blimp
it blows the air the snoot isnt fair
look up in the sky theres uh dirigible there
the drazy hoops whirl
you can see them just as they were
all the people stir
n the girls knees trembles
n run n wave their hands
n run their hands over the blimp the blimp
daughter dont yuh dare
oh momma who cares
its the blimp its the blimp

don van vliet: "thats it... hello?"
frank zappa: "hello."
dvv: "did you get it?"
fz: "sure did. its beautiful. (laughs) i think that we have enough on the tape to, er, just use that as it is for the album. okay, im gonna listen to it back now. i gotta go right to where..."


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