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sugar n spikes ark sz

n sugar n spikes n neon lights
n walks n lights n chains coughin smoke whoopin hope
cardinal sky rush by falls bark in dark
fall back in dark
pies steam stale shoes move broom n pale
moon in uh dime store sale
sugar n spikes n everything nice n everything nice n crazy
thats what little worlds are made of lady
im paid up in home in m new fridays house
theres no h on my faucet theres no bed for m mouse
my punch n grow mind in diamond back time
now its king for uh day with my lady look fine
got m peakin up hat n my caramel mask
tremelo car got m speidel wrist round m honey
goin t see the navy blue vicar
paul peter n misses wray flicker

interestingly, i received email from a peter wray, who might just be the fellow mentioned above in the song. heres a chunk of his email.

"my only claim to fame was being mentioned in one of his songs (sugar n spikes). how i got in the lyrics i dont know except that i met beefheart on tour in columbus ohio in 1968 or 69."

"i remember that one of my friends in college got one of the first issues of tmr - when warners included the lyric sheet - and came running into my room yelling and insisting that i somehow had done something directly to get in the song. i couldnt convince him otherwise."


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