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shes too much for my mirror ark sz

"here you would have a famous version of shes too much for my mirror. note the clever slight. shes too much for my, or anybodys, mirror, number 2. told ya."

shes too much for my mirror
she almost make me lose it
the way she abuse it make me never wanna use it
well mend yer heart n mind yer soul

ole chicago shes uh woman thata
make uh young man uh bum
she howl like the wind
make m heart grow cold
make me long for that little red fum!

she makes things fly n she makes things roll
she got me way over here n im hungry n cold
i remember m mother told me i oughta be choosey
that was way back when i thought she was m friend
now i find out shes uh floosey

i remember the butterflies n the sweet smell uh corn
n the bubblin fish in that lil pond
oooh, lousey! oooh, lousey!
how i long for you
how i long for you
shes too much for my mirror
that little floosey oh how i fear her
oooh, lousey!


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