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petrified forrest ark sz

human bark
beautyless hide from beauty
bow your eyes n heads to the duty of the deads
suck the ground
breathe life into the dead dinosaurs
let the past demons rear up n belch fire in the air of now
the rugs wearing out that we walk on
sonn it will fray n well drop
dead into yesterday
must the breathing pay for those who breathe in n dont
breathe out
thered be no gain, brothers, if no one would play
n for your games count me n all that can see,
breathe in n out hungry today n eat hearty tomorrow
or eat away n be eaten some day
no seed shall sow in salt water
if the dinosaur cries with blood in his eyes
in the dinosaur cries with blood in his eyes
n eats our babies for our lies
belches fire in our skies
maybe ill die but hell be rumbling through
your petrified forest


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