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pachuco cadaver ark sz

spoken: "a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous. got me?"

when she wears her bolero then she begin t dance
all the pachucos start witholdn hands
when she drives her chevy sissys dont dare t glance
yellow jackets n red debbles buzzin round er hair hive ho
she wears her past like uh present
take her fancy in the past
her sedan skims along the floorboard
her two pipes hummin carbon cum
got her wheel out of uh b-29 bomber brodey knob amber
spanish fringe n talcum tazzles forever amber
she looks like an old squaw indian
shes 99 she wont go down
avocado green n alfalfa yellow adorn her t the ground
tatooes n tarnished utenzles uh snow white bag full o tunes
drives uh cartune around drives uh cartune around
broma seltzet blue umbrella keeps her up off the ground
round red sombreros wrap er high tap horsey shoes
when she unfolds her umbrella pachucos got the blues
her lovin makes me so happy
if i smiled id crack m chin
her eyes are so peaceful thinks its heaven she been
her skin is as smooth as the daisies
in the center where the sun shines in
smiles as sweet as honey
her teeth as clean as the combs where the bees go in
when she walks flowers surround her
let their nectar come in to the air around her
she loves her love sticks out like straws
her lovin sticks out like straws


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