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my human gets me blues ark sz

i saw yuh baby dancin in your x-ray gingham dress
i knew you were under duress
i knew you were under yer dress
just keep comin jesus
your the best dressed
you look dandy in the sky but you dont scare me
cause i got you here in my eye
in this lifetime you got mhumangetsmeblues
with yer jaw hangin slack n yer hairs curlin
like an ole navy fork stickin in the sunset
the way you were dancin i knew youd never come back
you were strainin t keep yer
old black cracked patent shoes
in this lifetime you got mhumangetsmeblues
well the way youd been ole lady
i could see the fear in yer windows
under yer furry crawlin brow
uh silver bow rings up in inches
you were afraid youd be the devils red wife
but its alright god dug yer dance
n would have you young n in his harum
dress you the way he wants cause he never had uh doll
cause everybody made him uh boy
n god didnt think t ask his preference
you can bring yer dress n yer favorite dog
n yer husbands cane
n yer old spotted dog
cause in this lifetime
youve got mhumangetsmeblues


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