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man with the woman head ark sz

the man with the woman head
polynesian wallpaper made the face stand out,
a mixture of oriental and early vaudeville jazz poofter,
forming a hard, beetle-like triangular chin much like a praying mantis.
smoky razor-cut, low on the ear neck profile.
the face the color of a nicotine-stained hand.
dark circles collected under the wrinkled, folded eyes,
map-like from too much turquoise eyepaint.
he showed his old tongue through ill-fitting wooden teeth,
stained from too much opium, chipped from the years.
the feet, brown wrinkles above straw loafers.
a piece of cocoanut in a pink seashell caught the tongue
and knotted into thin white strings.
charcoal grey eisenhower jacket zipped and tucked into a lotus green ascot.
a coil of ashes collected on the white-on-yellow dacs.
four slender bones with rings and nails
endured the weight of a hard fast black rubber cigarette holder.
i could just make out ace as he carried the tray and mouthed,
"you cheap son of a bitch"
as a straw fell out of a coke, cartwheeled into the gutter.
so this was a drive-in restaurant in hollywood,
so this was a drive-in restaurant in hollywood,
so this was a drive-in restaurant in hollywood.


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