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lick my decals off, baby ark sz
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lick my decals off, baby ark sz

rather than i want to hold your hand,
i wanna swallow you whole
n i wanna lick you everywhere its pink
n everywhere you think
whole kit n kaboodle n the kitchen sink
heavens sexy as hell
life is integrated,
goes together so well
n so on
well, im gonna go on n do my washing
well, now you may think im crazy but i want you to
lick my decals off baby
n i dont want you to be lazy
cause its drivin me crazy
n this song aint no sing-song
its all about the birds n the bees
n where it went all wrong
n where it all belongs
n the earth all go down on their knees
lookin for ah little ease
she stuck out her toungue n the fun begun
she stuck out her toungue n the fun begun
she stuck it out at me, n i just thumbed my nose
n went on washing my clothes


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