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dachau blues ark sz

dachau blues those poor jews
dachau blues those poor jews
dachau blues, dachau blues those poor jews
still cryin bout the burnin back in world war twos
one mad man six million lose
down in dachau blues, down in dachau blues
the world cant forget that misery
n the young ones now beggin the old ones please
t stop bein madmen
fore they have t tell their children
bout the burnins back in world war threes
war one was balls n powder n blood n snow
war two rained death n showers n skeletons
dancin n screamin n dyin in the ovens
cough n smoke n dyin by the dozens
down in dachau blues
down in dachau blues
sweet little children with doves on their shoulders
their eyes rolled back in ecstasy cryin
please old man stop this misery
theyre countin out the devil
with two fingers on their hands
beggin the lord dont let the third one land
on world war three
on world war three

"and, it attracted a lotta rats, and, uh, they close the doors, and uh, they all got shotguns and rush out on the grass. nothing happened, they couldnt get the rats to move, see. so, they got one fella down there, he said, er, ah, heeeeeeeeee s-stammered; when he got excited he couldnt talk at all. they got him down there and er, walt said, "ill get em outta there," and he took a stick, beating them, started hitting them, tryin to get them outta there. then he started shooting from all directions. and ole walt thought he was gonna get killed..."


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