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carolina hardcore ecstasy ark sz

i coulda swore her hair was made of rayon
she wore a milton-bradley crayon
but she was something i could lay on
cant remember what became of me
carolina hard-core ecstasy

she put a doobie brothers tape on
(lalalalalaa la)
i had a roger daltrey cape on
(a roger daltrey cape on)
there was a bed i dumped her shape on
cant remember what became of me
carolina hard-core ecstasy

somewhat later on, i woke up and she was gone
there was dew out on the lawn
in the sunrise
later she came back, with a rumpled paper sack
which she told me would contain
a surprise

she stuck her hand right in and to the bottom
said she knew id be surprized she got em
take a charleston pip! to spot em
then she gave a pair of shoes to me
plastic leather fourteen triple d

i said i wonder whats the shoes for
she told me "dont you worry no more"
and got right down there on the towel floor
"now darling stomp all over me"
carolina hard-core ecstasy


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