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brown star ark sz

i know of a brown star
that only very certain people have found
for years and years they been lookin around
a lot of people lookin up
but very few of them lookin down
well they searched high and low for that little glow
thatll make them happy
some searched fast and they went on past
some went slow but couldnt let it go
i know of a brown star
that only very certain people have found
you can ask a dog why hes so happy
just waggin his tail around
or a frog what makes him jump around
follow a sailin cloud until it dumps
the rain right down
but ask a man and a woman if theyve seen
a brown star around
some will say yes and some will say no
some will just laugh and some will just glow
some will say why do you ask
some will say well dont you know
then therell be the one that says
its already been found
but you ask a child and theyll just jump up and down
sayin we found a brown star
right on the ground


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