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bills corps ark sz

quietly the rain played down on last of the ashes
quietly the light played down on her lashes
she smiled n twisted she smiled n twisted
hideously looking back at what once was beautiful
playing naturally magically
o her ragged hair was shinin red white n blue
all n the children screamin
why surely madam you must be dreamin
you couldnt have done this if you knew what you were doin
well the gold fish n the bowl lay upside down bloatin
full in the sky n the plains were bleached with skeletons
various species grouped together according
to their past beliefs
the only way they ever all got together was
not in love but shameful grief
its not the way ild like it t get together
thats not the kind uh thoughts ild like t keep
the rain played lightly down down on the formaheap
o lady look up in time olady look out of love
n you should have us all
o you should have us fall


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