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ballerin plain ark sz

parapliers the willow dipped
rolled roots gnarled like rakers
this hollow hole dont hold no jokers er fakers
dont fall by no jokers or fakers
puller down to the stirrin hay acres
parapliers pinches a levy n pulled way thru the toe
foothills, locomotives walked n sugar beets rolled
down the tracks
sunbum bounce soot off the black smokestacks
parapliers pinched up slow down the sky
blue o poured the engineers voice
whistlin down low n piped like clacks
by the ol scarecrow
n pots n pans burn the firemans hands till the
kettle leaped fire round the belly o
the bayou boy bums with sunken gums
n pits his strength to the 7th sons down
parapliers rumbled like uh straight iron gun
like a red hot iron through the egg white o
sunnyland drum, horn blow
sun like uh bubble pop yellow, down she go
muh cowcatcher whistled like uh steel flash scream
hose sucked out for water n the wheeldriver
sparkled like an indian flint
n the fireman n the brakeman bent n waved his long
red underwear arm
all aboard
the lantern flared n the caboose waved uh green gone on


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