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ah feel like acid ark sz

got (a letter) up this morning how do you reckon it read?
red blue and green whoooo all through my head
licked the stamps saw a movie dropped the stamp
i aint got no blues no more i said
put me up thinkin a postmans groovy
i aint i aint got the blues no more i said.........

well send me with a letter lord drop me with a telegram i said
my baby walked just like she did
walking on hard-boiled eggs with a...she can steal em....
i aint blue o more i said
lord one jumped up lord the other one quackin
yeah she got those great big drums sticking out whoooo
big chicken legs beat when she walks flappin down the street where i live

well she slippin along easy like fried chicken
grew sort of greasy easy hmmmmm...
oh i aint blue no more i aint blue no more i said
well she walked along crazy like kinda crazy
sorta lazy sleazy cheesy you know what i mean i said...............

here the rest of the album plays until just after "trust us", where this segment plays.

ah feel... (continued)
......freight elevator operating them trashcans
smackin lips and saying "the food sure is good" i said
around the corner up round the alley
half-shelled shoes a tapping golly golly
shaking like jelly like heaven heaven i said
well they rolled around the corner turning up seven come eleven
my lucky number lord i feel like im in heaven i said
well i...well i blink my eyes and i see that movie
lord its red blue and green

this last small segment comes at the very conclusion of the album.

ah feel... (concluded)
i i aint blue no more
wooo its like heaven i said i said..............


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