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leonard cohen, leonard cohen arklar, leonard cohen ark szleri
1.a bunch of lonesome heroes520
2.a singer must die444
3.aint no cure for love638
7.ballad of the absent mare505
8.be for real434
9.bird on the wire421
10.chelsea hotel582
11.closing time992
12.coming back to you448
13.dance me to the end of love650
14.death of a ladies man557
16.diamonds in the mine449
17.dont go home with your hard-on556
18.dress rehearsal rag460
19.everybody knows506
20.famous blue raincoat473
21.field commander cohen492
23.first we take manhattan460
25.heart with no companion427
26.hey thats no way to say goodbye918
27.humbled in love432
28.hunters lullaby697
29.i came so far for beauty409
30.i cant forget570
31.i left a woman waiting448
32.i tried to leave you477
33.if it be your will651
35.is this what you wanted409
36.im your man762
37.jazz police443
38.joan of arc469
39.lady midnight477
40.last years man662
41.leaving green sleeves453
43.light as the breeze419
44.love calls you by your name469
45.lover lover lover527
46.master song474
48.minute prologue623
50.never any good479
51.one of us cannot be wrong526
52.our lady of solitude433
53.paper thin hotel423
54.passing through558
55.please dont pass me by753
56.queen victoria450
57.sing another song, boys392
58.sisters of mercy423
59.so long marianne611
60.stories of the street391
61.story of isaac472
62.stranger song455
64.take this longing456
65.take this waltz443
66.the butcher408
67.the captain440
68.the future476
69.the great event507
70.the guests510
71.the gypsys wife2109
72.the night comes on375
73.the old revolution412
74.the partisan493
75.the smokey life468
76.the traitor450
77.the window487
78.there is a war434
79.tonight will be fine452
80.tower of song528
81.true love leaves no traces428
82.un canadien errant431
83.waiting for the miracle827
84.who by fire484
85.why dont you try562
86.winter lady1019
87.you know who i am521
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