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leo sayer, leo sayer arklar, leo sayer ark szleri
1.agents of the heart385
2.an englishman in the usa396
3.another time396
4.another year440
6.cant stop432
7.cool touch474
8.dancing the night away430
9.dont look away559
10.easy to love420
11.endless flight352
12.everything ive got563
13.fool for your love352
14.frankie lee436
16.giving it all away387
17.going home397
18.have you ever been in love418
19.heaven knows384
20.hold on to my love441
21.how much love390
22.i cant stop loving you though i try517
23.i hear the laughter411
24.i think we fell in love too fast333
25.i want you back439
26.i will not stop fighting413
27.in my life385
28.innocent bystander358
29.its over445
30.la booga rooga420
31.leave well enough alone390
32.let me know391
33.living in a fantasy372
34.long tall glasses371
35.lost control361
39.more than i can say700
40.my favorite400
41.no business like love business363
42.no looking back357
43.oh girl442
44.on the old dirt road370
45.once in a while364
46.one man band386
47.only dreaming398
48.only foolin581
49.orchard road328
50.paperback town372
51.raining in my heart530
53.rely on me354
54.running to my freedom362
55.shes not coming back636
57.something fine340
58.stormy weather418
59.streets of your town362
60.sukis missing639
61.takin the easy way out379
63.the bells of st marys380
64.the end352
65.the kids grown up626
66.the last gig of johnny b goode359
67.the world has changed423
68.there isnt anything587
69.thunder in my heart370
70.time ran out on you339
72.unlucky in love354
73.we can start all over again335
74.when i came home this morning361
75.when i need you418
76.when the money runs out357
77.where did we go wrong336
78.who will the next fool be358
80.world keeps on turning355
81.you make me feel like dancing429
82.you win -- i lose401
83.young and in love342
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