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lari white, lari white arklar, lari white ark szleri
1.aint gonna worry about love no more553
2.always and forever492
3.anything goes490
4.because im a woman648
5.do it again424
6.dont fence me in635
7.dont leave me lonely669
8.eden before the fall437
9.ghost of a chance450
10.go on613
11.good good love553
12.groove w/ me baby448
13.helping me get over you475
14.if im not already crazy475
15.if you only knew613
16.its love667
17.itty bitty little single solitary piece o my heart461
18.ive been waiting for your love502
19.john wayne walking away452
20.just thinking534
21.lay around and love on you533
22.lead me not457
23.lets keep it together518
24.look homeward angel419
25.made to be broken520
26.next to love391
27.nothing but love518
28.now i know476
29.on a night like this438
30.one more time383
31.only god could stop me loving you403
32.ready, willing and able400
33.right here right now371
34.somebodys fool550
35.something blue631
36.soul searchin blues668
37.spread the word481
38.stepping stone493
39.take me564
40.thats how you know when youre in love524
41.thats my baby594
42.thats what you do648
43.the test498
44.this is love429
46.we got it goin on427
47.what a woman wants570
48.when it rains392
49.where the lights are low386
50.wild at heart442
52.woman of the world388
53.you cant go home again526
54.you cant take that from me534
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