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that reindeer can play guitar ark sz
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that reindeer can play guitar ark sz

it was a sweltering july at the north pole
with the mercury at a balmy forty-two
dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen,
comet, cupid, donner, blitzen
were shvitzin with nothin to do
(they were tired of reindeer games)

into the lodge strolled raymond
what a reindeer! everybodys pal.
he thought that he might try
to get on santas better side
by raising the reindeer morale
(rudolph had a red nose-- raymonds was brown.)

he said to fred the elf
"you see that guitar on the shelf?
i cant get for myself?would you?"
and everyone agreed
yeah, musics what we need
hey ray, can you play a song or two?

please do.

raymond, youre a reindeer with talent
someday you may be a star
the worlds gonna say
have you hear about ray?
that reindeer can play guitarnow, its true raymond knew about music
his guitar licks were tastier than salt
though he felt a little tense
when someone in the audience
said "you better be good ?cause santas watching"
oy gevalt!

but he picked up that guitar and started wailing
and he nailed a couple very fancy moves
all the elves and santa claus
stood with open jaws
?cause its hard to play guitar with hooves

there were praises from rays reindeer family
as they looked upon their kin with new regard
and his cousin who saved christmas
with that shiny red proboscis
said "raymond, ive got this agent?
heres his card."

raymond, youre a reindeer with talent
someday you may be a star
the worlds gonna say
have you heard about ray?
that reindeer can play guitar

jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
listen to that caribou
hes doing purple haze

old raymond was content to play the small gigs
making doe-s, his future rosy and bright
then his agent got the mother-of-all gigs
said "youre playing the tonight show?tonight

he said raymond youll be famous by the morning
i claim your name will be the latest rage
a star will be born
another stevie ray fawn
and with that he pushed ray onto the stage

some say it was a bad case of stage-fright
the stress of the big night ? who knows?
but it happened when they turned on the spotlight
like a deer caught in the headlights --- he froze.

raymond youre a reindeer with talent
but thatll only get you so far
if you want to hit the heights
theny ou gotta handle light
and maybe someday
the world will say
that reindeer can play guitar.


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