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mother tongue ark sz

you barely touched the broccoli on your dinner plate
well, alright just one bite and you can stay up late
dont tease the baby; youll make him cry
because im the mother, thats why

dont fight
ive got eyes in the back of my head.
these are things my mothers mothers
mothers mother said
i learned the language when i was very young
lately ive been talking in
the mother tongue

take off your muddy shoes put the cat down
heres a tissue; blow your nosep ut the cat down
what did you say? whered you learn that?
come back here when im talking
let go of that cat.


behave at your grandmas
be good when i leave
wipe your nose again-- no, not your sleeve
whats on your cheek? let me get it
dont have a fit
its just a little mommy spit


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