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im dyslexic ark sz

i was only seven
when i learned how to read
i got the education
every child is guaranteed
we read around the classroom
teacher hollered "next!"
i was only comfortable
when reading hebrew text
im dyslexic and im mad

well i met a boy named otto
i loved him for his name
?cause backwards and forwards
it always looks the same
he took me to a musical
i gave him such a hug
i said "what a great production of
annie get your nug"
im dyslexic and im mad

backwards forwards sideways
up and down and down and out
its all so topsy turvy
it makes me want to shout

"is there anybody out there
who could lift this mental fog?"
i may not be religious
but i do believe in dog

driving down the highway
on a dark and stormy night
i hit the left hand signal
of course i headed right
a cop gave me a ticket
and what was even worse
when i went to pull away from him
i threw it in reverse
tish happens

some folks think its a handicap
but i think that theyre wrong
?cause i get the backwards lyrics
in those heavy metal songs
internet connections and pet psychology
the timer on the vcr
they all make sense to me
im dyslexic
hot damn!
im dyslexic
and im mad


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