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its hell to be psychic ark sz

i refused to get the phone today
even after 27 rings
it would have been a bad connection
i can tell these things
i have gift with my predictions
they come naturally
and i can tell what you are thinking
but listen to me:
its hell to be psychic
hell to have esp
to know the news before 11
to see the future presently
ive ruined every surprise party
my family tries to throw
and when a friend comes to visit
i never say who is it
i already know
and i could never read a whodunit
knowing the one who done the crime
the lottery? ive won it
lost its thrill the fourteenth time
its hell to be psychic
hell to have esp
you think that you might like it
but you should see what i can see
its hell to be psychic
hell to have esp
i get desperate calls from wall street brokers

you want to know if youll be married
by the following june
want me to read your cup of tea leaves
then psychically bend a spoon


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