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kris kristofferson, kris kristofferson arklar, kris kristofferson ark szleri
1.a moment of forever433
2.a song id like to sing782
3.aguila del norte506
4.anthem 414
5.bad love story430
6.between heaven and here375
7.billy dee375
8.blame it on the stones379
9.blessing in disguise441
10.border lord370
11.broken freedom song376
12.burden of freedom433
13.caseys last ride476
14.come sundown491
15.crossing the border418
16.daddys song412
17.darbys castle432
18.dont cuss the fiddle461
19.dont let the bastards get you down637
20.down to her socks391
21.duvaliers dream452
22.easter island393
23.easy, come on413
24.eddie the eunuch529
25.el coyote406
26.el gavilan the hawk431
27.epitaph black and blue525
28.fallen angel394
29.for the good times366
30.forever in your love394
31.from the bottle to the bottom336
32.good love shouldnt feel so bad423
33.help me make it through the night411
34.here comes that rainbow again407
35.how do you feel about foolin around468
36.i may smoke too much413
37.if its all the same to you549
38.if you dont like hank williams527
39.it sure was love357
40.its all over, all over again577
41.id rather be sorry604
42.ill take any chance i can with you541
43.im down, but i keep falling492
44.ive got a life of my own523
45.ive got to have you491
46.jesse jackson407
47.jesse younger415
48.jesus was a capricorn364
49.jody and the kid341
50.johnny lobo494
52.just the other side of nowhere373
53.killer barracuda424
54.killing time455
55.kiss the world goodbye390
56.late again gettin over you519
57.lay me down and love the world away382
58.lights of magdala356
59.little girl lost386
60.living legend370
61.long way from home418
62.love dont live here anymore644
63.love is the way399
64.love of money344
65.lovin her was easier than anything ill ever do again598
66.lucky in love364
68.mal sacate497
69.maybe you heard368
70.me and bobby mcgee335
71.mean old man369
72.new game now409
73.new mister me364
74.nobody loves anybody anymore431
75.nobody wins416
76.once more with feeling391
77.one for the money400
78.out of mind, out of sight372
79.please dont tell me how the story ends420
80.prove it to you one more time again358
81.rainbow road429
82.rescue mission349
83.risky business353
84.road warriors ament628
85.rock and roll time380
86.rocket to stardom369
87.same old song343
88.sams song ask any working girl409
91.shake hands with the devil387
92.shandy the perfect disguise399
93.shipwrecked in the ighties357
94.silver the hunger332
95.slow down417
96.smile at me again371
97.smokey put the sweat on me356
99.somebody nobody knows383
100.spooky ladys revenge497
101.stagger mountain tragedy354
102.stairway to the bottom348
103.star spandgled bummer whores die hard357
106.sugar man376
107.sunday mornin comin down437
108.the bandits of beverly hills416
109.the best of all possible worlds403
110.the bigger the fool the harder the fall372
111.the devil to pay391
112.the eagle and the bear411
113.the eye of the storm374
114.the fighter727
115.the final attraction341
116.the golden idol403
117.the heart355
118.the hero397
119.the last time351
120.the law is for protection of the people393
121.the pilgrim; chapter307
122.the prisoner402
123.the promise356
124.the sabre and the rose409
125.the silvertongued devil and i342
126.the stallion417
127.the stranger i love465
128.the taker390
129.the year minus351
130.they killed him316
131.third world war366
132.third world warrior378
133.this old road366
134.to beat the devil361
135.under the gun444
136.what about me354
137.when i loved her385
138.when shes wrong481
139.whiskey, whiskey453
140.whos to bless and whos to blame607
141.worth fighting for368
142.you show me yours and ill show you mine415
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