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motivators ark sz

we be the number one motivators
ghetto mentality and the innovators
some of yall may really hate us
but we wont be soft, all we wanna do is rock
we be the crew that presents it on wicked instrumental
damagin your mental, from here to sacramento
this here groove was made for vintage freestylin
feelin like im chillin on a caribbean island
rugged, raw material is what we bring forth
a tribe called quest, we representin up north
whats that youre sayin in the back, actin all silly
kickin freestyle raps, rollin up phillies
its the four man fiasco in charge like roscoe
now you get the picture like picasso
we make it happen when these niggaz start rappin
who this, captain?
stick out your hand, you gets no dap and..
i got the razor, got the phife, i got the shaheed
now all you shorties move your ass while you puff weed
blessin fans with autographs in my paths
while other rappers get gassed, they be defeating the task
yo, if i ruled the world
it wouldnt be that gassed shit, niggaz will make the light swirl
cuz after you g, aint nuthin but girl...scouts
and imma show you what its all about(ah yeah)
is what you say when my love is in your mouth
without a doubt, i cut mcs like the cord
cuz i does more than that mc from the lords
while you be froggin like bud-wei-ser
and rappin is what you slackin in
im knockin mcs outta action like abstinance
rockin since kiss my dick was kickin ass
peachfuzz, cuz...you might be on drugs
to all my people across the state who sit back and contemplate
motivate, i motivate
to all my people across the land who get their feet stuck in sand
motivate, i motivate yall
a yo, i speak with something new but not granddaddy i.u.
stay tuned, live from the l-b-q
a yo, its destined st. john, i swing on your block
you know how i get down like heather b. with them glocks
i came to lead my team to victory like hayden fox
cuz heads aint ready for the willie i got
ya nawmean slim, i dug my thing like them grim
leavin crews in state of black and blue like rakim
and if you dont know, you better ask another
its like 192 when we rollin deep cover
so dont shut down on the razor
cuz in the 9-live we steppin through hotter than the trail blazers
and in queens, i be a legend like richard dean
son, i gotta team that hakeem couldnt dream
while you be standin sellin, queens keep it live
who the hell you tellin (kim from the tribe)
let me tell you why i be the top dog in the industry
because all these so-called mutts are not seein me
they too busy eatin cycles 1, 2 and 3
they cant mc, id rather be down with fuckin droopy d
my style is deadly, word bond, act like you fuckin know
been writin rhymes ever since ray parker sang with radio
youre style is played out like a two-tone down goose
you couldnt converse if you had fuckin react juice
so hold your corner as i fuckin bless this mic in here
im eatin through your crew like stephen kings ankle layers
chop off my feet, word to god, im gonna hurt you
(will yall fall off?) will laura fuck urkel?
never, here comes the funk, smell the aroma
kid, my shits the bomb, ask my peeps from oklahoma
to all my people across the state who sit back and contemplate
motivate, i motivate, i motivate yall
to all my people across the land who get stuck in great sand
motivate, i motivate yall
to all my peoples everywhere throw your mitts in the air
motivate, motivate, motivate, motivate
cant do nuthin for your frontin, get involved and do somethin
motivate, motivate, i motivate, i motivate, i moti...


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