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kool g rap and dj polo ark szleri
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kool g rap and dj polo, kool g rap and dj polo arklar, kool g rap and dj polo ark szleri
1. with a bullet375
2., ,447
3.a thugs love story chapter i, ii, iii505
4.bad to the bone361
5.blowin up in the world524
6.butcher shop336
8.cannon fire373
9.cant stop the shine592
11.check the bitch387
12.crime pays400
13.da bosses lady366
14.daddy figure392
15.death wish381
17.edge of sanity356
18.executioner style369
19.fast life390
20.for da brothaz422
21.foul cats373
22.fuck u man374
23.ghetto knows403
24.go for your guns407
25.hitmans diary573
26.home sweet funeral home385
27.home sweet home424
28.ill street blues359
29.its a demo588
30.its a shame565
31.im fly428
32.jive talk387
33.kool is back387
34.legendary street team410
35.let the games begin353
37.lifestyles of the rich and famous355
38.live and let die367
40.men at work411
42.money in the bank487
43.money on my brain364
44.no more mister nice guy384
45.nuff said393
46.on the run357
47.one dark night405
48.one four love pt501
49.operation cb566
50.oz theme392
51.play it again, polo356
52.play it kool373
54.rhyme tyme382
55.rhymes i express360
56.rikers island464
57.road to the riches428
58.she loves me, she loves me not332
59.still wanted dead or alive333
60.straight jacket378
61.streets of new york344
62.take em to war542
63.talk like sex415
64.tekilla sunrise369
65.thugs anthem405
66.train robbery380
67.trilogy of terror361
68.truly yours383
69.two to the head392
70.wanted: dead or alive59
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