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kingston trio, kingston trio arklar, kingston trio ark szleri
1. miles611
2.a little soul is born316
3.a round about christmas330
4.a taste of honey435
5.a worried man326
6.across the wide missouri514
7.adieu to my island330
8.adios farewell371
9.ah, woe, ah, me630
10.all my sorrows492
11.all the good times324
12.all through the night323
13.allentown jail387
14.ally ally oxen free514
16.aspen gold467
17.away rio376
18.babe, youve been on my mind416
19.bad mans blunder433
20.ballad of the quiet fighter394
21.ballad of the thresher346
23.bay of mexico466
24.big ball in boston360
25.big ship glory336
26.billy goat hill322
28.blow the candle out342
29.blow ye winds294
30.blowin in the wind417
31.blue eyed gal311
32.blue tattoo372
33.bonny hielan laddie488
34.bottle of wine337
35.brown mountain light351
36.buddy better get on down the line352
37.bye, bye, thou little tiny child489
38.carrier pigeon448
39.children of the morning346
40.chilly winds408
41.coal tattoo350
42.coast of california350
43.colorado trail451
45.come all ye fair and tender ladies333
46.come along, julie451
47.come gather the time350
48.coming from the mountains382
49.como se viene, se va342
50.coo coo u1484
52.coplas revisited336
53.corey, corey372
54.cortelia clark372
55.cmon betty home535
56.dancing the distance334
57.darlin are you dreaming478
59.desert pete376
60.dogies lament453
61.dont cry katie530
62.dont you weep mary642
65.e inu tatou e482
66.early in the mornin458
67.early morning rain360
68.easy to arrange316
69.el matador2059
70.en el agua479
72.fairwell captain353
74.farewell adelita513
75.fast freight338
76.folksingers song444
77.follow now, o shepherds325
78.four strong winds351
79.gaze on other heavens373
80.genny glenn351
81.georgia stockade330
82.getaway john348
83.glorious kingdom375
84.go tell it on the mountain545
85.go tell roger384
86.go where i send thee346
87.goin away for to leave you409
88.gonna go down the river354
89.goo ga gee438
90.goober peas415
91.good news440
92.goodnight irene343
93.goodnight, my baby468
94.gotta travel on346
95.green grasses408
96.greenback dollar372
97.guardo el lobo354
98.gue gue1000
99.gypsy rose and i dont give a curse414
101.hanna lee367
102.hard travelin465
103.hard, aint it hard400
104.haul away425
105.hawaiian night312
106.high heeled shoes294
107.hit and run366
108.hobos lullaby617
109.home from the hill408
110.honey, are you mad at your man335
111.hope you understand362
112.i bawled397
113.i cant help but wonder where im bound363
114.i like to hear the rain333
115.if i had a ship330
116.if you dont look around456
117.if you see me go362
118.inter changeable love492
119.isle in the water342
120.it was very good year482
121.im a rake and rambin boy451
122.im going home473
124.jane, jane, jane355
125.jesse james427
126.jocko and the trapeze lady327
127.just once around the clock360
129.la bamba1430
131.last night i had the strangest dream339
132.last thing on my mind311
133.leave my woman alone523
134.lei pakalana776
135.lemon tree442
136.less of me343
137.lets get together421
138.lion in the winter318
139.little boy375
140.little light481
141.little maggie345
142.little play soldiers387
143.lock all the windows399
144.long black veil303
145.long time blues494
146.longest beer of the night329
147.looking for the sunshine311
148.love comes a-trickling down316
149.love has gone741
150.loves been good to me445
151.low bridge361
152.mangwani mpulele702
154.mary mild341
155.mary was pretty457
156.midnight special303
157.molly dee371
158.more poems347
160.my lord what a mornin576
161.my ramblin boy468
162.new york girls410
163.no one to talk my troubles to310
164.norwegian wood this bird has flown321
165.nothing more to look forward to330
166.o ken karanga510
167.o willow waly1192
168.oh, cindy351
169.oh, miss mary330
170.oh, sail away345
171.oh, yes, oh314
172.old joe clark401
173.old joe hannah531
174.old kentucky land516
176.one more round467
177.one more town330
178.one too many mornings305
179.parchment farm blues320
180.pastures of plenty305
181.patriot game323
182.pay me my money down559
183.poor ellen smith341
184.portland town551
185.poverty hill372
186.pullin away465
187.put your money away343
188.raspberries, strawberries316
189.razors in the air329
190.red river shore298
191.remember the alamo337
192.reuben james366
193.reverend mr black283
195.river run down433
196.road to freedom399
198.rolling river394
199.rollin stone401
200.roving gambler/this train368
201.ruby red526
202.run molly, run341
203.run the ridges336
204.runaway song691
205.running out of tomorrow383
206.rusing in the rain402
207.sail away, ladies329
208.sally, dont you grieve416
209.salty dog342
210.san miguel585
211.santo anno516
212.santy anno632
213.saro jane418
214.scarlet ribbons505
215.scotch and soda380
216.sea fever505
217.seasons in the sun394
219.shady grove/lonesome traveller371
220.she was too good to me324
221.sing out409
222.sing we noel475
223.sloop john b369
224.so hi379
225.some fool made a soldier of me359
226.someday soon374
227.somerset gloucestershire wassail373
228.sometimes love is better when its gone412
229.song for a friend333
230.south coast299
231.south wind353
232.speckled roan319
233.spinnin of the world381
234.stay awhile342
235.stories of old279
236.strange day329
237.take her out of pity314
238.tattooed lady383
239.texas across the tiver518
240.the escape of john webb345
241.the first time327
242.the golden spike327
243.the hunter412
244.the jug of punch359
245.the last month of the year415
246.the long black rifle320
247.the merry minuet368
248.the mountains omourne422
249.the new frontier369
250.the river is wide380
251.the seine372
252.the shape of things310
253.the sloop john b236
254.the tijuana jail331
255.the unfortunate miss baily330
256.the wanderer316
257.the way old friends do306
258.the white snows of winter340
259.the wines of madeira404
260.the work song350
261.the world needs a melody335
262.the worlds last authentic playboys457
263.them poems351
264.these seven men342
265.they are gone470
266.they call the wind maria338
267.thirsty boots343
268.this land is your land324
269.this mornin, this evenin, so soon439
270.those brown eyes327
271.those who are wise377
272.three jolly coachmen374
273.three song327
274.tic, tic, tic368
275.tnaga tika513
276.to be redeemed307
277.to morrow367
278.tom dooley405
279.tomorrow is a long time335
280.try to remember324
281.turn around455
282.two-ten, six-eighteen366
283.uta wena752
284.verandah of millium august345
285.walkin this road to my town478
286.we wish you a merry christmas400
287.weeping willow380
288.when i was young339
289.when my love was here368
290.when the saints go marching in589
291.when youve been away for a long time424
292.where are you going little boy338
293.where have all the flowers gone459
294.whistling gypsy351
295.whos gonna hold her hand442
296.will you love me if i dont do coke400
297.with her head tucked underneath her arm385
298.with you my johnny342
299.world i used to know327
300.yes i can feel it372
301.you dont knock422
302.young roddy mccorley376
303.youre gonna miss me476
304.zombie jamboree364
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