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the sweetest punch ark sz

you only saw red after i said, "how can we continue?"
hidden from your view in the blue corner that i painted myself into
then we started to fight and it changed everything
heres the ring
you dropped the band
i cant understand it
not after what weve been through
words start to fly
my glass jaw and i will find one to walk right into
you knocked me out
it was the sweetest punch
the bell goes
i could hear it ringing but i didnt see you coming
we all say things we dont mean
you cant take it back
now the room is spinning but......???????????
i can see ill never win
so if youre going, then you better go with him
i only saw stars
i dropped my guard and thats how it ended
what was i to do in the blue corner where i seemed to be suspended?
then with seconds to go you delivered blow
here i go


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