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kevin ayers, kevin ayers arklar, kevin ayers ark szleri
1.after the show403
2.all this crazy gift of time361
3.among us683
5.babys on fire488
6.ballad of a salesman who sold himself407
7.ballbearing blues545
8.banana hymn464
9.blaming it all on love428
10.butterfly dance385
11.caribbean moon412
12.champagne and valium393
13.circular letter396
14.city waltz504
15.clarence in wonderland536
16.clarietta rag384
17.colores para dolores659
18.crazy gift of time383
19.day by day364
21.didnt feel lonely till i thought of you423
22.diminished but not finished459
23.eleanors cake which ate her925
24.everybodys sometime and some peoples all the time blues424
25.fake mexican tourist blues449
26.falling in love again722
27.farewell again another dawn372
28.feelin, reelin, squealin448
29.gemini child391
30.girl on a swing561
31.goodnight goodnight528
32.guru banana433
33.hat song632
35.i dont depend on you478
38.irreversible neural damage434
39.im so tired552
40.jolie madame584
41.lunatics lament479
42.madame butterfly802
43.may i521
44.money money money482
45.mr cool449
47.once upon an ocean399
48.only heaven knows402
49.orible orange360
50.oyster and the flying fish434
52.rheinhardt and geraldine665
53.see you later603
54.shouting in a bucket blues351
55.singing a song in the morning747
56.song for insane times399
57.song from the bottom of a well407
58.soon soon soon437
60.stepping out388
61.stop this train again doing it389
62.strange song364
63.stranger in blue suede shoes345
64.super salesman418
65.sweet deceiver376
66.take me to tahiti377
67.thats what you get babe413
68.the doctor dream theme463
69.the lady rachel426
70.the one chance dance444
71.the oyster and the flying fish291
72.toujours la voyage594
73.town feeling349
74.two goes into four531
75.view from the mountain410
77.where do i go from here363
78.where do the stars end387
79.why are we sleeping414
80.yes i do2245
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