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casino royale ark sz

beware, beware,
theres danger in the air.
have no fear bond is here,
theyll never get the jewels.
bond is here have no fear.
there goes a spy,
theres evil in his eye.
have no fear bond is here,
the formula is safe
with old double o seven.
hes got a red-head in his arms.
though hes a lover,
when you are in trouble
have no fear.
look whos here: james bond.
theyve got us on the run
with guns and knives,
were fighting for our lives.
have no fear bond is here.
hes gonna save the world.
bond is here have no fear...(fade)

(note: this arresting piece of material was performed on the original
soundtrack for the motion picture by the incredibly popular herb alpert
and the tijuana brass. it was later issued as a single recording by the
brass. a & m records chalked this recording up as one of the groups
top-selling efforts. )


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