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kenny rogers, kenny rogers arklar, kenny rogers ark szleri
1.all i need is you459
2.buy me a rose478
3.coat of many colors557
4.coward of the county428
5.daytime friends458
7.dont fall in love with a dreamer528
8.dont look in my eyes625
9.every time two fools collide476
10.harder cards474
11.i prefer the moonlight505
12.i swear500
13.if i could only change your mind466
14.if i were you449
15.islands in the stream kenny rogers & dolly parton756
16.just dropped in647
18.long arm of the law385
19.love is strange569
20.love me tender583
21.love or something like it428
22.love the world away508
23.love will turn441
25.me & bobby mcgee431
26.missing you474
27.morning desire453
28.real love with dolly parton412
29.reuben james490
31.ruby, dont take your love to town580
32.share your love with me421
33.she believes in me459
34.slow dance more416
35.something is burning487
36.the best of me455
37.the best of me672
38.the greatest490
39.the heart of the matter531
40.the long arm of the law409
41.there you go again516
42.through the years456
43.to me644
44.weve got tonight654
45.you decorated my life466
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