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kd lang, kd lang arklar, kd lang ark szleri
2.angel with a lariat517
4.big boned gal432
5.black coffee748
7.busy being blue477
8.constant craving822
11.curious soul astray557
12.deep in a dream455
13.didnt i652
14.diet of strange places458
15.dont be a lemming polka487
16.dont let the stars get in your eyes534
17.dont smoke in bed603
18.extraordinary thing487
19.full moon full of love520
20.get some532
21.got the bull by the horns449
22.haint it funny491
23.hanky panky648
24.high time for a detour482
25.honky tonk angels medley492
26.hooked on junk464
27.hush sweet lover502
28.i want it all562
29.i wish i didnt love you so729
30.if i were you459
31.in perfect dreams633
32.infinite & unforeseen760
33.its happening with you515
34.its me637
35.im down to my last cigarette496
36.just keep me moving640
37.lifted by love759
38.lock, stock, and teardrops521
39.love affair505
40.love is like a cigarette435
41.loves great ocean837
42.luck in my eyes443
44.miss chatelaine568
45.my last cigarette534
46.my old addiction388
47.nowhere to stand435
48.only love539
49.outside myself438
50.pay dirt580
51.pine and stew454
52.pullin back the reins476
53.rose garden470
54.save me513
55.season of hollow soul390
60.smoke dreams555
61.smoke rings482
62.so in love529
63.so it shall be384
64.still thrives this love503
65.stop, look and listen373
67.sugar moon435
70.sweet little cherokee521
71.tear drops365
72.tears dont care who cries them505
73.tears of loves recall581
74.the air that i breathe401
75.the consequences of falling437
76.the joker428
77.the mind of love420
78.the right to love449
79.theme from the valley of the dolls417
80.there you go492
82.three cigarettes in an ashtray500
83.three days503
84.tickled pink450
85.till the heart caves in427
86.trail of broken hearts437
87.tune into my wave387
88.turn me round437
89.up to me406
90.walkin in and out of your arms421
91.wallflower waltz414
92.waltz me once again around the floor405
93.wash me clean602
94.watch your step polka1030
95.western stars491
96.what better said476
97.when we collide935
98.world of love486
99.your smoke screen378
100.youre okay886
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