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the prophecy ark sz

[chorus x3: buddha monk]
prepare for the prophecy

[buddha monk]
yea, to all challengers, lets begin

i be the holder of flows like air seepin thru your windows
first nigga that oppose be the first nigga that goes
a deadly comedic dealer, nasty-ass good fella
crazy-ass dweller novelty known as best seller
it be the slack that you lack, i shoot the verses like gats
your styles is too wack, it makes you burn like exlax
buddhall prove that hes the boss, for years i paid the cost
so now i am the force that keeps you at a state of loss
wannabe kamakazi shootin at everybody
im worse than your john gotti or your mayor julianni
severe body parts, who has to master this art?
whether it be the day or dark, the fuckin sun has to spark

[chorus x4]

[buddha monk]
it takes 8 million and one stuns for the god is done
if you feel its a lie, then your ass i will fry
styles is dirty dirty like some desert water
watch out for the zu slaughter (im talkin to you!!)
your blood spills made me the science of my kills
i feels like that of a fuckin desert storm kill
sight of an insighter whos out for real tight
whatever lurks in the dark we shall bring to the light
sit back and breathe the gases i relieve
breakin off parts, piece by piece of enemies
you done made mad one of the dirty dozen
guaranteed to slaughter off your moms, pops and cousins

[interlude: unknown voice]
the prophecy, i see which can foretell the future.
the foretellin of what is to come.
prophecy, to foretell by divine inspiration.
something declared by a prophet.
one who speaks with the mind thats been stricken.
the prophecy, lord buddha monk is the prophet.
now you see, now you hear.
take heed, which way of life would you travel?
the road of truth or the road of death?
(i cant take it no more!!!)
you have been warned, the prophet is here.

[buddha monk]
the prophecy has seen that you remain with the sting
removin the skin, i never die and kill again
sinfullness is my trifeness, leave a nigga lifeless
if you try to bite this
i levitate minds like 9s levitate your spines
if inclined, i kill with one line
and leave you dumb, deaf and blind
done with the swiftness of a sword of excalibur
move with the speeds of culos thru a callico
feel the heat as my thoughts burn deep
explosions to mind that i seek, now its you soul that i reap
i remain in this game and take fame like grand larceny
theres pure fuckin havoc when you fuck with the prophecy!!!

[chorus x2]

[outro: same voice as interlude]
all the voices of the dark
do you wish to take my sin? (die fuckas!)
i choose to be...[indecipherable]...


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