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killa from the villa ark sz

[intro: buddha monk]
once again its the god buddha monk
representin the zu
1-1-2, 4-4-1 franklin av.
peace to all my niggaz
the rza, knowwhatimsayin?
we gon drop this track for my nigga, y-kim
and q-base. and its deadly, deadly.

[chorus: buddha monk]
ah, its the killa straight from the villa
ah, its the killa straight from the villa
ah, its the killa straight from the villa
ah, its the killa straight from the villa
thriller, pealer, mind cell dweller

[buddha monk]
theres no need to get frantic
the zu attacks minds and shit gets real hectic
makin the kill like 7 masters
tearin up the skills with total disaster
im after punk-ass niggaz with laughter
puttin stains in their raps, here, now and after
you want to test the style of the shaolin foe?
the cut comes from far, it is eyes, noses and souls
thats not enough time to lick nuff shots
the tech, the callico and one in the block
the 3 is for the kill, that kills and wrecks skills
it doesnt really matter how you feel, i want you ill
if you dare peepin skills, pullin vains, holes in shins
only thing thats left is eyes, noses and chins
who, tell me? who, tell me? who, tell me?
can be known within...


[buddha monk]
i see it in your eyes and youre scared to fuckin death
you fuck around boy, i cut your fuckin neck
your styles is wack like that of, um, a hot mode
man over sightly with spiritual powders
im deadly to the grain with my brooklyn zu slang
a killa that leaves no trace or blood stains
youre fucked up, now its time to go dirt for dirt
you want the zu name, for that you must work
you shouldve been taught 7 scores and 5 mics ago
i take life like my mad fidel castro
theres war, things aint just peace no more
i come thru like a texas chainsaw
f.a. is where i rock with twin glocks
makin shit hot, rockin mad peoples knots
youre hit, then you bleed, then you say youre shit
you wish i disappeared by same this ill fix


[buddha monk]
behold, im the foe that stands in the chamber
im mr. ripyou when releasin the danger
monk, receiver and teaches us all things that you need
snatchin niggaz by the neck and the mother feels the pain
lyrical master with diaster, blaow!
push yor caps back like burnin dutch masters
the sword of my click is crazy mad thick
makin deep cuts cuz im sick of all this shit
thats my style, son, im ready for the war
the hits from the god, prepare to hit the floor
sparks of an element, movin in a 7
feelin the wrath of the buddha, no wait for you to check it
check this, heres the killa thru this danger
not enough, enters 36 chambers
heads that feel, that thrills with a new skill
burns the eyes, kills like electric eels
kill has been told, whats the shaolin foes gold?
cut razor sharp, inflict holes in souls
master of disaster, wu tapes are raptures
cut many ducks, became a grand master
you want to oppose this deadly technique
buddhas knowledge is wicked, wicked like 10 priests -echos-


[outro: buddha monk]
you dont understand!
you dont motherfuckin understand!
dont fuck with the brooklyn zu
if you dont have the motherfuckin skills!
you bitch-ass mothafuckers can suck my dick!!
dont fuck with the brooklyn zu!!
suck my motherfuckin dick!!


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