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(wbkzu fm)
[dj] here we are live on wbkzu. 199.9 on your fm dial.
im in here chilling with buddha monk and my man, poppa chief.
[bm] whats going on, baby?
[dj] peace.
[bm] peace. peace. huh, whats up with you?
peace to the gods and the earths.
[dj] yeah. got my man buddha monk here, giving a shout for his new
[bm] oh. no doubt.
[dj] and your crew, i hear about your crew.
[bm] yeah. yeah. the name of the album is called the prophecy.
yeah. youknowimsayin? it has-- it consists of everybody in the zu.
youknowimsayin? ol dirty bastard. youknowwhatimsayin?
12 oclock. shorty shit stain. poppa chief. k-blunt.
[dj] what about the brothers from jersey?
[bm] yeah. yeah. thats my niggaz. poppa chief. k-blunt and all of them.
thats the zu ninjaz. 5 ft. hyper snyper. we cant forget my
mother fuckin man, hook ninja. you know shy d and them?
and ob and all of them. thats most of the jersey niggaz and shit.
then you got the manchuz and shit. drunken dragon and spritiual
assassin. uh-uh. niggaz dont know about manley mussa and all of them.
you know and professor king bee and all of them.
[dj] bomb to come, word bond.
[bm] youknowwhatimsayin? its like mad different albums about to jump
off and shit. niggaz dont even know about half the shit were
about to come with. youknowwhatimsayin?
[dj] i feel that.
[bm] you see-- you see, they saw the wu come through, now its time
to see the brooklyn zu come through. youknowimsayin?
cuz we all remain in you. youknowimsayin? universally unified
to make things happen. youknowimsayin? thats just about,
basically about it right now. the name of the album is called,
like i said before, the prophecy. youknowimsayin? its the
lord buddha monk. and what? niggaz, what?
[dj] straight up, we got buddha monk right here. a thinking brother.
i can feel that. the buddha, check out his album. yo, so how
about this? how about we get you boys right here into a little
freestyle? aight, youknowimsayin? kick it to a freestyle.
[bm] uh-huh. im with that.
[dj] i know you got skills.
[bm] ah, yeah. we could handle that.
[dj] yes? can we do this?
[bm] uh-huh. no doubt.
[dj] for the listeners out there. wbkz--
[bm] u! ha! we come through on wbkzu with a freestyle like this.
yo, check it like this.

[buddha monk]
its the brooklyn zu, its the brooklyn zu
let me tell you mother fuckers, its the brooklyn zu
its the brooklyn zu, its the brooklyn zu
let me tell you mother fuckers, its the brooklyn zu

yo, i be in this game, the buddha monk fuckin up your stamina
shut your mouth, listen close to this brooklyn zu damager
i never seen so many amateurs get awards for wack grammar
but now i got my daily plan on how to act right, think right
get the subverb on ya, then fuckin ram ya, ha! its sickenin
heard better shit on the radio, but yours the one thats still tickin
its alright, ima come with that wild stack
theres the brooklyn zu laid on every track
try not playin my shit, nigga and youll catch two to ya back
yo, i mean that, my style made strictly for the rap, where it was at
fuck the diamonds, the plush houses and the bitches layin on they stacks
niggaz, what? niggaz, what? what? its the freestyle!

[poppa chief]
its a psycho, so shoot fast on the warpath
every time i touch a stick of steel, its a bloodpath
black licorice, choclate compressed
super-nigga written across my chest
id bet my left nut, plus all of my riches
i wont be the one rockin the bandages and stitches
i jiggle jiggle cuz it itches
a hundred-mile an hour pitches
i love it when the bitches be blowin me kisses
-kissing sound- right back at you
spell my mother fuckin name right when you put it on the statue
ill come back, who ever wanna step to the b-r double o k-l-y-n z-u
-radio static- mother fucker!


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