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[intro: buddha monk]
i was only nine years old, when daddy left me
poppa was always up to no good
this one here is dedicated to a very special lady in my life
shes my m-o-m-m-y, shes a very special woman
and dear mom, i dedicate this song to you

[chorus x2: unknown sampled singer]
this goes out to a special lady
the one that brought me life
the one that taught me right
she always held me tight

[buddha monk]
hey moms, i dedicate this song to you
youre my m-o-m-m-y, my special brew
ima bless you with diamonds and pearls, and rubies too
well this is just something for the things you do
momma soon, ill take you on a real long cruise
sit back with some class, champagne just for two
youre overdue, so heres some things meant for you
benzes and minks, friends that you never knew
private jets, year round trips to tibet
ah, you and janet sand, singin that bangin-ass duet
finished yet? malik will pour you moet
with hand to hand service as the sun sets
you never guessed, the life could ever be this best
sit back, just relax, you aint seen nothin yet
youre my girl, my mom and my first love too
thats why i dedicate this song right here to you

[chorus x2]

[buddha monk]
hey moms, they shouldve made a statue for you
best moms in the world, yea, baby thats you
you tried to prove, the good times went down the line
didnt believe, now im infested with drug crime
in these hard times and im still out to get mines
a motivated soldier on the hands of time
cops draw the line, now im facin seven to nine
and youre still tellin me its gonna be alright
thats why i love you, no matter all the things i did
yo, you still turn around and call me one of your kids
when poppa slide, how was you to deal with all of us kids?
yea, a family of four with the governors laws
no more, now its time to take a world tour
breath the fresh air, we smell the sea shore
i adore, and i want to give you applause
dedicating this song to you once more

[chorus x2]

[outro: buddha monk]
aiyyo, moms
let me tell you one thing
i cant express the way that i feel
all the things that youve done for me
i was one of those bad-ass kids gettin up
every mornin, doin all the thug things
you know, i didnt get many whoopins
when i did get a whoopin, it hurt
but i still had to do what i had to do momma
cuz times was hard
and there was no father there for us
but i knoiw you loved me
and i know youd forgive me for all things i did
but if you didnt, i hope this song finds you at your best partment
youre with me in my heart, i love you and youre my favorite girl
i get one, i only get one, i only get one
(youre my momma, yea) my momma
i love you, mother (yea, sweet old momma, yea)
feel the road to the riches
and riches to the road
cuz im gonna leave and go somewhere youve never been before
youre my woman, and ill always see you
(dont you want me in this world?)
i always love you to death, momma
we out, baby, cmon
(ill always love my momma)
shes my only one!
(shes my favorite)
(and you only get one, you only get one)
yea (one good girl)
i love you, hahaha
thats right momma (ohhh.. ohhh.. ohhh)


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