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crazy cats ark sz

[intro: buddha monk]
i figure i give you niggaz this one,
drunk off the liquor
this is for all you crazy cats
this is how its goin down
im seein my shit -echo-
(wha-wha-wha-what? wha-what?
(wha-wha-wha-what? wha-what?
wha-wha-what? what?)

[chorus x4: buddha monk]
straight out the zu of valleys and rats
comes those crazy cats, those crazy cats

[buddha monk]
this aint a normal presentation, an all-star performance
for all you non-belivers and rikers pe-verts
blinkin with the monk will get ya swallowin ya pride
in chunks, while my flow just blows ya mind up
get ya groove on on, but watch ya set
mines on ya lawn, blowin up ya set
>from the gate, i drop smart bombs on the fake
for the most, i roast and toast a nigga in any coast
this vigilante, known to be drunk off this hennessey
fuck with me nigga, thats like you dyin in your own enequity
zu ministry, back washed kins set the mind free
come follow me on this journey as the flows reach the air breeze
b-u-d-d-h-a m-o-n-k, representer on the brooklyn zu thing
whats next? brooklyn brawler, run for the border
and shit gets worse, once i drink the firewater

[chorus x4]

[buddha monk]
its the party master, rap slasher, bone cracker
>from here, now and after, catch this brooklyn zu rapture
thoughts travel from pions just to make you niggaz be gone
only drop atomic bombs, pose calm, now bring it on
your lame ass, ill smack that ass, blast you quick-fast
you niggaz make me laugh, every time i hear you on the wax
the body catches whip-lash from the shit that ill spit fast
its gon be the number one seller, played by my man bobby dash
you wont be next to flex this, stretch armstrong just blessed this
the lurch said im feelin it, evil dee said im killin it
the drug blood, ima smoke this one bud
and show my people out there appreciation for givin me love

(wha-wha-wha-what? wha-what?)
(wha-wha-wha-what? wha-what?)
(wha-wha-wha-what? wha-what?)
(wha-wha-wha-what? wha-what?)

[chorus x4]

[outro: unknown voice]
power, equality, allah sees equality
to the whole atlas, this is from the manchuz, god
all god squad, manchuz and brooklyn zu, the zu ninjaz
id like to say peace to everybody in the world
do the knowledge first so you dont forfeit
that devils uncivilization, its that trick-knowlogy that has you
you asked, it was many years before you were convinced to be even born
born thru reality, yacubs, no terminology or trick-knowlogy


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