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take your time ark sz

typed by: goldenarms_10304@yahoo.com

i invited you to the club so what, so what
dont mean you gotta hang all up under me
you a big girl dont act out, word up
cuz you aint gonna gain no clout, no doubt
i know you wanna be wit me, but i
stay single and remain mingle and
cuz theres so many out jinglin, oh my god
so i guess time will tell whats out there for swan
to move it on, is what you always say to me
thats what i always do, but you still pagin me
whats the deal? you ask keep it real, so it be
but i come to find out that got at least three
more fros that you braidin, on the d-l
so i guess its time for me to bounce the ball like sprewell
see well, you could of had it all, ms. dove
but you showin swan, aint that much love
get control of your life, get control of your mind
get control of your body, girl, take your time

[chorus: jessica darby]
take your time, take your time
take your time, take your, take your time
take your time, take your, take your time
take your time, take your time

listen up quick, baby jink
gotta lotta shit to get wit, stuck in the game and i cant
im thinkin of a master plan
bucks hot as cool, to see a fan when im on the spot
now some think im not, human
even thought i got the bomb and my shits boomin
im leavin your room in, no space
if you wanna make a mistake, get up in my face
talkin about, yo i gotta be off
pause, just because you wanna get up in my drawers
you ready to break laws, visions of your clothes in my back
just because you stack, now you wanna act
like you know you got your rhyme on cock
and everything i do, shit stop for you, shit
please, thirty two degrees, of the breeze
about to hit you wit the good law special
why did you, how could you, get upset
when i said my money comes first, i bet
you dont know, that i gotta lotta shit on my mind
so before i fall off, momma said


you wanna know why i be trippin when i hear her name
cuz every rider in the hood, know she all about game
see me on the block, she ask me where i been
she know where i been, probably tryin to cash in
see me in the vibe, see me in the source
got my act together, she see me on floss
now you wanna fuck me, slow down girl
i used to wanna fuck you, but i been around the world
i seen the more, dealt wit a lot
now what make you think im gonna pay for that twat
thats what you here for? you exceedin
definitely speedin, slow down girl
get control of your life, get control of your mind
get control of your body, girl, take your time


now you wanna stress me out, you put me on a route til my hair fall out
now whats that all about? imma bob and weave
duck ya bullshit, see buck aint up, fuck ya bullshit
bitch, tellin me my style was a fluke
cuz i wouldnt give you boots, and you thought i was cute
i got loot, see money is all that im about
just coolin wit my niggas and bustin it out
im bdi, you could tell by the vision i use
i see you fake bitches for blocks, i never snooze
see she wanna put me on cruise
set me on a straight path, what about i had to laugh at her
cuz i aint gon fall, runnin around talkin about new york
check this out, now she ready to brawl
i got a call from the c.o.p., tellin me to stand tall
caught me in the mall wit all, my homies wit me
shorty had to be on the scale of one to three
damn, a dime, but whatever poppa said, bdi, you gotta

[chorus to fade]


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