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ill be damned ark sz

its platinum baby, a/k/a bj, so got them goin crazy
back up on the scene, and im showin you green
dont gotta ask what i mean, take a look at my team
entrepreneurs gettin publishin, raw on tour, no rubbishin
swan drops nukes by law, where we at wit this
everywhere you see them four byes
low lows jack benz wit the bubble eyes in every hallway
in every pj, all night, all day, they bumpin bj
now when they play me in the clubs, girls rush the dj
and say you gotta replay, wit no delay

[chorus: swan]
ill be damned, if i couldnt turn the party out
ill be damned, if i couldnt make you scream and shout
ill be damned, ill be damned
ill be damned, if i dont collect a royalty check
and dont have a niggie beggin on knees, because he slept
ill be damned, ill be damned

fire one, fire two, let the missile drop
let the doors get loose when the whistle pop
bark, this is the arc, you could get a ball but we leavin at dark
if you got your ticket, then your mission starts
dont get caught up in some shit, niggas want they throat to get slit
now, i gotta lot, you gotta lot, if you gotta pot
and i gotta spot, if i gotta knot, tell me if i got shot
cuz i got somethin for you when my shit get hot
lyrically about to let my nine cock
bust off a whole round, ill be damned if i see hoes now

[chorus: buckshot]
ill be damned, if i have to keep being this broke
ill be damned, if i go a day without no smoke
ill be damned, if i dont become a millionaire
ill be damned, if ya niggas dont watch and stare

whats the deal bj?
i really wanna know whats the deals these days
dont forget the bombay

if i take another life, then i sell my soul
but ill be damned if i let you run up on me for my gold
so when i roll, i take precaution
too many of my peers got took out while they were flossin
that hit me hard, and i still gotta battle police
cuz brutality aint no where near a cease
once you provoke, imma, imma blast
cuz im nervous, and i dont want plungers runnin in my ass

ill be damned if police try to lock me up
put they hand on they waste and glock me up
rather die like a champ, and live like a ass
cuz when its time to bust, im boundin to blast
we got bomb weed, bomb beats, bomb to licks
we got to bomb the weed constantly
watch, im feelin when i get up in the ass like
tonights the night, you weak mcs
better come right, now when i say come right
you better sound tight, cuz all that shit you kick
it sound like it bite, and you better prepare for this shit im on
cuz im a nocturnal nigga, and im bringin da storm
word is bond, and ill be damned


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