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heavy weighters ark sz

clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack
fuck wit bdb, i put a, hole in ya back
see me, its like that, its like this
hit you wit the tip of the four fifth, lick off ya bottom lip
i gotta have it, and did it to smackin
ya niggas backwards, i dont how to act kid, relax kid
calm ya ass down, dont let the liquor or the weed smoke
provoke a fight now, aight now
dont get gassed up, i know where you live at, i tied ya wife up
gave her the dick and she was like "buck"
yeah picture ya girl, me and my dick sucked
man, i live it up, the life of a thorough nigga, what
you see me on the block, runnin from shit
comin wit the glock, bustin off thunderous shit
number one hit, still throw blows to get
up in your tentacles, turn you into vegetables

[chorus 2x: swan]
we heavy weighters, crowd motivators
in and out of staters, benz and navigators
ridin elevators, to the hundredth floor
bombin down on that ass, we bout to give you some more

where we get gully for the cash, call it terror dome
where bitch niggas pop down, when they hear the chrome
swan flip digital, nigga try and rap
dont love the six hundred, nigga neck snap back, fuck it
crash that, cuz niggas pullin on my dick again
paparazzi wanna take my flick again, give a chick a ten
good girl, got my glock in the spot
cuz i dont trust you muthafuckas, when im rockin the spot
and dead men, swan gotti, young gun for fun
see ya hungry gettin none, cuz my nine weigh a ton
when i bust, better run, or catch a war back breaker
live shots, shakin and fakin

who callin me out? im all about triggas and toast
bitches gimme pussy, cuz my dick is bigger than most
niggas is dose, of thugs so you figure im broke
advice it happens, money, all liquor and smoke
i went to school but wasnt learnin nuthin
stay burnin bustin, was a birth to frontin
pullin out gats, ready to murder somethin
my whole game plan, is name brand
let off the flame and smack a gay man wit the same hand
all you undefeated cats bout to take ya first lost
fuck that, its a work, boss get hurt, boss never jerk off
hit honeys wit shirts and skirts off
yeah, you look hard, but your verse soft

[chorus 4x]


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