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glide with me ark sz

get ready for this, stop ya pettiness
steadiness, keep the barrel aimin at the mist
un-mist the clouds, amongst the crowd
somebody put out a hit out and tried to shot me
but i still came out, lookin all clean and lean
muthafuckas wanna be on my team, so they fiend
to be in my jean, put a monkey wrench in my startin bench
but i gotta quench my thirst first, when i take liquid to the throat
lubricate the path as my words float
up and down cuz muthafuckas be on my crown
so they sound like me, but they cant write like me
its the bdi, bite me, cant excite me
when you ignite me, like tnt, just the bdb

representin double d, flow wit me
cuz im take ya on the breath hand side
take you on the breath hand side
bdis the guy, now fly with me, now glide with me
if you ride wit me, its all right wit me
now fly wit the bd, just fly wit me
just roll wit the bd, just roll wit me
cuz its a mission imma take you on, word is bond, word is born
whatever you want, i got it

theres a war goin on, inside my dome
sometimes when i roam, i hope to make it home
fuckin wit them trees from littie, littie
make the body -coof- he-he-he-he
now bd got the plan, if you want the clan
come follow the man with the plan in his hand so we expand
do it again, and again, try to kill me
im alive like makaveli and my girlfriends
doin the job, she diss her, come wit these
when bd cant stop, its like i got a disease
im dissin one mc, after two mc
a true mc, can rock the party
leavin everybody in the party wit dens
bdi get on the mic and put ya people in the trance
take one glance, one look, bdi open up the book
and give a title, its vital, the ideal that i worship
is for dough, and thats myself whenever i flow, listen

you got to go on a mission and fly wit me
just roll on a mission and come wit me
bdi is the guy, so ride wit me
if you need a guy, then follow crowdly
bd got the plan, what, whats the plan now
bd got the plan, buckshot, the man got
bd got the plan, just follow the god
imma follow wit pride

lyrics for days, i blow out like, whats that all about?
buck, bout time you got out
let me spread out and lubricate
drop a jewel, to make the average fool hate, when i bust
but i bust, plus, everybody in the dust, slow down
just us, dangerous, givin you somethin you like wit bounce
buck got it by the ounce, let me announce
im on the rise, plus i keep those red eyes
come try me on for size, i know you idealize
see some of yall know me, and some of yall dont
some wont, some aint, see, some can take the shit
some cant, fall out, fail out, when they fall they bail out
when the fall they call out, mamma, whenever the drama
get higher, imma, bomb a, nigga, like it was the last time
and the last rhyme, bd got the flow
if you wanna follow me, follow wit pride
lets go, lets move, keep ya body on the move
nuthin to prove


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