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follow with pride ark sz

buckshot rip the body apart
come through wit the lyrical art, follow the spark
imma leave the blind thru the dark
gather up the ganja come aboard the arc
like noah, i dont show a nigga he aint ready for this
shot the snake and make him venomless, stop the
hissin, this is ridiculous
im about to get ready and bomb this shit
raise the thugs wit the heater in the arm for shit
marijuana when you drive, feel the fogginess
im about to cause a war, a cannibalistic thing
feel this thing, shit, at night, you hear the bang bang
buckshot is just doin his thang thang
you can see the glare as chains swing
bd get up in the cypher of a shame game to maintain
watch me now, follow me now
boot camp release the leader and im sick now
comin straight for you

so come with me, come through and lead them through for you and you
come with me, everybody its the bdb
you can follow me, follow me, everybody its the follow bdb
follow me, everybody, its the bdb
i said 1, 2, 3, follow its bd mc, follow me

bd drop a hit, that make ya forfeit
black as that shit thatta make ya cough kid
drip drop gotta get them niggas off of it
cuz im, dangerous, i remain wit this
never forgettin them original niggas on my list
hit me one time, hit me two times
boogie, how could he, he really thought that i was blind
the light at the end of the tunnel, brought me to the surface
no longer nervous, but now my purpose is
to bomb the world wit bcc, travel through my odyssey
its gotta be me, if its gotta be
let the battle begin, nine oclock on the dot, set the water start
slaughter the chart then, the skys darken
clouds travel to the rhythm of the violin
calm the savage beast like leviathan
ini, many men, said rasta mon na dred
chalest instead of the philly, really, see me, bd
whenever i speak, i get to the point like a tb
whats the deal, whats the deal?

1, 2, 3, everybody its the bd
you can follow me, follow bdb
1, 2, 3, everybody its the bdb
you can follow bdi, if you need the god, follow with pride

keep the gun tip by the upper lip
keep a extra clip, just in case he flip
if im high in my ride, then i gotta dip
quick to losin my composure, but i cant slip
its been a hard road, and i been walkin this
and did a lot of hustlin to get you off of this
i got a bank roll, grow like fungus
so much money, ya niggas wanna come among us
live like kings, do our things
but let me tell ya muthafuckas what money brings
niggas schemin on your rides, schemin on your rings
target every night, just follow the red beam
its a mission, and the mission is to stay alive
shit, the streets dont want me to survive
but i gotta strive

1, 2, 3, everybody its the bd mc
if you need a god, follow with pride
you can follow its bdi
1, 2, 3, everybody its the bd mc
gotta represent the bcc, gotta represent the double d
1, 2, 3, everybody its the bd mc
gotta represent the bcc, gotta represent the brooklyn scene
everybody its the bd mc
gotta represent brooklyn, no doubt
gotta represent queensbridge, no doubt
gotta represent manhattan, no doubt
gotta represent staten island, no doubt
gotta represent chicago, no doubt
gotta represent l.a., no doubt
gotta represent texas, no doubt
gotta represent in the lexus, no doubt
gotta represent you cant get wit this, when i flex wit this


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