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barrel of monkeys ark sz

i fell into a barrel of monkeys; i tried real hard but i couldnt get the money
hes calling me baby but he aint my honey
i fell into a barrel of monkeys

it started with a rumor and it ended with a gun and somewhere in the middle i got burned up by the sun
when i rose up like a phoenix i was feeling #1
it just all goes to show you it aint over til its done

who what where and i dont know why but youre only as good as the drugs you buy
another suicide on the 405, another night of drinking in
another dive
theres a million dead stars in the night-time sky; id shed a little tear but theres no time left to cry

i saw a giant head driving down hollywood boulevard!

i came from the land of ice and snow seeking fame and fortune where the plastic grows
murder, earthquake, riot, fire--i tried to put it out
but it just fed my desire
i got a brand new name and a brand new nose
and the crowd keeps yelling "baby go, go, go!"

i fell into a barrel of monkeys; i tried so hard but i couldnt get the money
love me two times except for sunday
i fell into a barrel of monkeys


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