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shes in another world ark sz

she walks around with her head up in the clouds; shes so high, her feet dont touch the ground
all down the street, yeah, the people stop and
stare but she doesnt even notice, she doesnt even care

shes thinking about him

hes gone away but she knows its not forever; in a few more hours
theyll be back together
and shes waiting for the moment when shell
hold him so tight; wrap her arms around him and everythings gonna be all right

shes thinking about him

shes in another world...

well im coming round the corner and i see him standing there / im the
luckiest girl youll find anywhere
and hes never out of mind because
hes always outta sight
hes my heaven on earth every single night

he says hes been thinking about me

and thats why hes in another world...


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