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please forgive me ark sz

it still feels like our first night together
feels like the first kiss and
its gettin better baby
no one can better this
im still hold on and youre still the one
the first time our eyes met its the same feelin i get
only feels much stronger and i wanna love ya longer
you still turn the fire on

so if youre feelin lonely.. dont
youre the only one id ever want
i only wanna make it good
so if i love ya a little more than i should

please forgive me i know not what i do
please forgive me i cant stop lovin you
dont deny me

this pain im going through
please forgive me
if i need ya like i do
please believe me
every word i say is true
please forgive me i cant stop loving you
still feels like our best times are together
feels like the first touch

were still gettin closer baby
cant get close enough im still holdin on
youre still number one i remember the smell of your skin
i remember everything
i remember all your moves
i remember you
i remember the nights ya know i still do

one thing im sure of
is the way we make love
and the one thing i depend on
is for us to stay strong
with every word and every breath im prayin
thats why im sayin...


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