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heat of the night ark sz

i was caught in the crossfire of a silent scream
where one mans nightmare is another mans dream
pull the covers up high and pray for the mornin light
cause youre livin alone in the heat of the night

met a man with a message from the other side
couldnt take the pressure - had to leave it behind
he said its up to you
you can run or you can fight - (ya thats right)
better leave it alone in the heat of the night

in the heat of the night theyll be comin around
theyll be lookin for answers theyll be chasin you down
in the heat of the night
(where you gonna hide when it all comes down)
(dont look back dont ever turn around)

had to pay the piper to call the tune
said hed be back someday - said hed be back real soon
pull the shades down low - youll know when the time is right
when youre lyin alone in the heat of the night


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