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hearts on fire ark sz

some other time
some other place
we might notve bin here
standin face to face
i just wanna tell ya
made up my mind
you know i cant help the way i feel inside
oh this hearts on fire
right from the start its bin burnin for you
oh this hearts on fire
one thing honey - this hearts true
the streets are empty
the lights are down
aint nothin movin
this side of town
so come on over i aint hard to please
oh baby - what you get aint always what you need
oh this hearts on fire
its gettin hotter now cant you see
oh this hearts on fire
from now on babe its gonna be you and me
risin to my feet i can feel the heat
its tryin to pull me under
runnin through the night we can make it right
its comin on like thunder
some got it good some got it bad
but youre the best i ever had
i never worry youre so fine
from now on babe im gonna be by your side


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